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As a travel and holiday consultant with over 50 years of experience, we at Travelfinders have a long-standing tradition of making holiday dreams a reality. Our founder, Farley Shelkin, remains at the helm of our business, bringing his wealth of knowledge and expertise to each and every transaction.

 Our team of travel consultants  have in depth knowledge of destinations and holiday experiences. We pride ourselves on providing a tailor-made, exceptional service that is built on our extensive experience and skill. Our wide offerings include a vast selection of flights, tours, hotels, and cruises, ensuring that there is something for every traveller. Whether you yearn for a safari in Kenya, a city break in Paris, luxury indulgence in Dubai, or a budget holiday in Spain, we have it all covered.

Cruising has become an increasingly popular holiday choice, and we have taken advantage of this trend, establishing ourselves as experts in this sector. Today, we are renown for our cruise business.

We are honoured to receive referrals from our satisfied clients and take pride in our expanding customer base. Our competitive prices, combined with our commitment to providing impartial and independent recommendations, have earned us a reputation for excellence.

We do not limit your choice, as we are not tied to a particular operator or company – therefore offer you completely independent and impartial recommendations based on what is the right holiday for you. We will take the time to listen to your requirements and will use our knowledge and experience to find the holiday that best meets your dreams.

We will assist you from time of your booking, provide advice and tips about your travel and if you have any difficulty throughout your holiday we will be at hand to access.

At Travelfinders, we understand the importance of peace of mind when booking a holiday. As a member of ABTA,IATA and Worldchoice we offer the added protection of their assistance and Code of Conduct. Additionally, many of the travel arrangements we offer are protected in case of financial failure of the travel company.

Talk to an expert! Let us help you choose what’s perfect for you, and let us help turn your holiday dreams into holiday reality!

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We Help You Planning Your Journey

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides up to the minute advice for British nationals travelling abroad.
We recommend that all prospective travellers check FCO advice when planning journeys and again immediately before travelling.

Talk to an expert! Let us help you choose what’s perfect for you, and let us help turn your holiday dreams into holiday reality!

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We are Accredited

We are members of ABTA, ATOL and IATA. As members of this reputable travel and regulatory associations and , we are committed to comply with their stringent regulations and have provided a bond payment to ensure our commitment to our client’s protection.

Best Price Guarantee

We ensure you the best deal or we will generally match the price.

Expert Advice

Our expert consultants find you a perfect holiday with ease and make it hassle free experience for you. We are an independent travel agent and as such we scout the best deals across all providers without preference. Our selection and advice are unbiased with the aim to get you the best holiday package.

Flexible Payment

We offer Low Deposits and modest payment options.

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Farley Shelkin

The Producer

I have been working in the travel business for 52 years and founded Dagenham Travel. I specialize in cruises, a sector I am passionate about and have been on 40 cruises myself. My favorite destinations that I have visited are Cambodia and India. The memorable cities are New York and Venice. My hobbies are traveling, of course, as well as watching football and going to the theatre and concerts. I always had a dream of being a drummer in a rock band, alas, being a travel agent was my fortune destiny. I am blessed with having an amazing career in this profession that I adore.

Joanna Kench

The Go-Getter

25 years and still not out from the travel industry with 23 years of those wonderful years at Dagenham travel. As a result of this extensive experience my knowledge about countries, destinations, flights and local travel in famous destinations is great. As a vacationer I have extensively traveled across Europe, Canada, America, Dubai and Kenya. My unforgettable travel escapades were skiing in Canada and a safari in Kenya. In this business, over the years, we have seen it all. From ash cloud in 2010 to Brexit, many economic cycle of downturns and most recently of course the covid 19 pandemic. We strived and survived these challenges. This is a fantastic industry to work in with many pros and cons. Be that as it may, the merits of receiving fabulous feedbacks from happy and rejuvenated clients, surpass it all!

Samantha Ellis

The Artisan

A travel consultant for 30 years with 23 years here at Dagenham Travel. I have my own experiences in travel and have travelled to several countries. As a cruise inspector, I had the opportunity to get on board cruises which I relish. I have a holiday home in Spain which I go to as often as my work-life balance permits. Once upon a time, a long time ago I was on holiday in Greece and met my current husband who was coincidentally from Dagenham. The holiday romance climaxed with marrying him and moving to Dagenham. Bizarre as it can be - he had booked his holiday with Dagenham travel! That is how famous we were even back then! As with the rest of the team, I find the travel industry captivating, every day is different, and every destination is unique.

Roopali Silvain

Travel Geek

Travelling is not only about visiting a new place, but learning and exploring a new culture, food and way of life. I am thankful for having been a part of the travel sector for two decades. My responsibility required me to be a jetsetter. Blessed with this opportunity I broadened my perspective and re-discovered myself with every different experience. My most prized destinations so far are Tanzania and Maldives. Each place has its own recalling passage. I am ecstatic that I get to deal with holidays and travel daily which strikes a chord of blissfulness with me.


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As an independent travel agent, we offer probably the widest range of holiday products available.


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